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Number 1 secret to planning your wedding easy

The number one secret to making wedding planning easy (i.e. save time *and* money) is to use our wed in packages, so you have as few decisions as possible to make. Here, our lead wedding planner discusses how our affordable wedding packages help you save time and money while working with your wedding Gleam Squad.

Wed in Package





R30 000

Here at Gleam Point, one of our primary goals is to make wedding planning easy for all couples. We do this in a number of ways, but one of our most effective tools is our Wed in Packages. Couples report saving upwards of 20% on their overall wedding cost by using our wedding packages.

If you’re not sure where to get married and need help finding a venue, we can help with that. If you aren’t interested in spending endless hours researching suppliers, we can help with that too. We have a massive network of suppliers, including everyone from award-winning photographers to absolutely stunning venues.

How do we help? Our wedding planners are the answer to all of your wedding problems.

In addition to assembling your Gleam Squad, our lead wedding planners will also guide you through the wedding planning process and consult about the details leading up to your wedding day.

They won’t be there to execute your timeline on the day, but they’ll work with you to select your perfect wedding venuefind the right suppliers so you don’t go on a wild goose chase hunting information down, they’ll develop your production run sheet, and will keep you completely organised throughout the wedding planning process.

We know that right now is a difficult time to commit to planning any of your wedding details. But one of the major selling points of our wed in packages is that they’re really the ultimate event assurance. If you have to move your wedding date (even for a second time) because of COVID-19, they’ll will handle everything for you. Together, we got this.

Read on below to learn more about free wedding planning, which is included with all of our affordable wedding packages.

How much time does it take to plan a wedding?

Honestly, I’ve seen it take anywhere from 200-400 hours for couples to plan their wedding from start to finish. Most couples are engaged for about 10 to 18 months and wedding planning tends to fill a lot of their free time over that period.

Why does it take so long to plan a wedding?

Research is a very big part of the wedding planning process and most couples takes weeks or even months to source, interview, and select their venue and their suppliers. I think partly it’s really exciting to see how many talented suppliers are out there. But also, it’s kind of addicting to search for the best deal, the best caterers, or the perfect venue. The problem with that is you end up spending soooo much time researching and delaying decisions. In doing so, you can miss out on some seriously great wedding venues and suppliers.

How do wedding packages work at Gleam Point?

We usually kick things off with a phone call, once we have a sense of who you are and what you’re all about for your wedding, we will send you on a tour of personally selected wedding venues. After you’ve signed with a venue, we will deliver you a Gleam Squad of suppliers who will take your wedding vision and make it reality. From there, we’ll work together to iron out the details and timing of your wedding day.

For couples who already have their venue sorted, the process is almost identical, just without the venue step. We call these suppliers packages as the main priority is to build your Gleam Squad

Are the wedding planning services with Gleam Point wed in packages really free?

100% yes. One of the reasons we developed packages is that we kept hearing the same thing from couples. They had no idea where to start with planning their wedding. Of course they could spend hours researching, but they repeatedly came back to us for advice. By including planning services with our affordable wedding packages, we’re able to really get to know couples so that we can help take the confusion, stress, and anxiety out of their planning process.

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